Kings Mountain History


Kings Mountain History

Kings Mountain has a rich history. In the 1980s and ’90s, Kings Mountain resident Ken Fisher published many articles about our local history in the Echo, the local newsletter.  We are republishing them – courtesy of Ken Fisher and the Kings Mountain Echo. If you have ever asked yourself: Where the mountain got its name from, or who was George Harkins or Purdy Pharis, Ken sheds light on many of these historical facts.

Historical Articles by Ken Fisher

Images of America – Kings Mountain

This book by Stacy Trevenon features rare photographs and documents assembled from private collections, the San Mateo County Historical Association archives, the Woodside Community Museum, and from Kings Mountain historian Kenneth L. Fisher. The book chronicles Kings Mountain’s past and highlights living history, such as the Art Fair which started in 1963. The book is available at many local bookstores or from Amazon.