Fire Brigade Mission, Goals & Plans


The mission of the Fire Brigade is to support the Fire Department to minimize loss of lives, injury to persons and damage to property from fires, natural disasters, accidents, and other emergencies. It uses the application of appropriate technology, fire prevention policies, rescue and firefighting tactics and by acting in close collaboration with the Kings Mountain community in fulfilling the role of saving lives and protecting property. In addition, it promotes civic and social interest among the Kings Mountain Community families and members of the Fire Brigade.


  • Make sure that the Kings Mountain Fire Department continues to exist and provide emergency and community services, including the Community Center
  • Ensure that the Kings Mountain community continues to exist and thrive
  • Maintain the unique community spirit and environment that makes Kings Mountain a delightful place to live

Long Term Plans

  • Maintain current fire apparatus (vehicles) and equipment, and to plan for future purchase needs
  • Maintain and improve the fire station, community center and grounds
  • Establish a program for ongoing recruiting and training of volunteer firefighters
  • Establish a community outreach program, including community events and services (e.g., CPR classes, fire prevention activities, social events and promote community organizations such as the Kings Mountain Association and the local school.
  • Have ongoing involvement of community members in the Brigade’s planning process
  • Provide an ongoing review and update of the Brigade’s by-laws and policies.

Kings Mountain Fire Department location

13889 Skyline Blvd
Woodside, CA 94062
650 851 8897

Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Department operates under the auspices of the Fire Brigade. The Fire Chief reports to the Board of Directors of the Fire Brigade. Generally, the department has 15 to 20 volunteers, including a Chief and two Assistant Chiefs.  The Fire Department has two fire engines, one rescue unit, one utility vehicle, and operates a water tender provided by San Mateo County.  Firefighters are trained in structure and wildland fire fighting as well as emergency medical response. They are also trained for special emergency situations such as rope rescue, hazardous material and confined space emergencies.

The Fire Department is responsible for responding to community emergencies, and typically responds to 150 emergency calls per year.  The Fire Department is always looking for new volunteers. Contact our Chief at for more information.

Support the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade

Support the Kings Mountain by becoming a member. The annual membership dues are $35. Dues are due January 1st.  The Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, Tax I.D No. 94-1650185.

Local address is required; telephone number and email address will be used only for administrative or emergency purposes.

Please download the Membership Form by clicking here:

KMVFB Membership Form

Return this form with your check for $35.00 (or more) to:

Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc.
13889 Skyline Blvd.
Woodside, CA 94062 

You may also donate to the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade via PayPal by clicking this button.