Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade Mission, Vision & Scope


The Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade (Brigade) oversees and supports the Kings Mountain Fire Department (KMFD) in its efforts to prevent any loss of life, personal injury, property damage, or environmental damage caused by fire, natural disaster, vehicle accidents, or other emergencies. Additionally, the Brigade manages our Community Center building and grounds, as well as promotes civic and social engagement among Kings Mountain residents.


Our vision is to provide robust financial and capital resources to maintain KMFD’s operational success for years to come. We want to preserve our Fire House/Community Center building and grounds to serve the needs of future generations. We strive to recruit and train more dedicated volunteer firefighters of the same high caliber that we are fortunate to have today. Additionally, we endeavor to ensure residents’ safety through ongoing fire and emergency education.

About Us

History: The Kings Mountain Fire Department was founded as a unit of the San Mateo County Fire Department in 1962 to provide emergency services for the Kings Mountain community. Prior to that, there was no fire department proximate to our somewhat remote local area. The residents recognized the critical need and took steps to establish their own fire department. The residents also worked to get a donation of land from the Phleger estate, and build the Fire House/Community Center that is now Station 56.

Volunteers: The Kings Mountain Fire Department (KMFD) operates under the auspices of the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade (KMVFB) and San Mateo County Fire Department. The team of volunteer firefighters includes a Fire Chief, who reports directly to the KMVFB Board of Directors, two Assistant Chiefs, and additional men and women volunteer Firefighters and Medical First Responders. 

Currently, KMFD is actively recruiting Volunteer Medical First Responders. 

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and live inside the initial response area of KMFD. 

Potential Medical First Responders must complete the following:

  • Written application
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass a pre-employment physical exam, drug screening, and cardiac stress test

Initial training requirements include:

  • Minimum of 24 hours of medical response training, with goal of completing an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course in the future
  • 20 hours of hazardous materials training
  • 16 hours of safety and orientation

Interested in a rewarding and meaningful experience with an exceptional group of like-minded neighbors? Contact to learn how you can get involved, helping the community and your family. Always recruiting Firefighters too!

Response Area: The KMFD’s primary response area is along the Skyline Boulevard corridor between Highways 92 and Skeggs Point, and the areas that are accessed from Skyline Boulevard.

Equipment & Training: With two fire engines, one rescue unit, and a water tender truck, our firefighters can act in response to most types of emergency calls. Our first responders are trained in structure and wildland fire fighting, as well as emergency medical treatment. They use appropriate technology, follow fire prevention standards, and employ proper rescue and firefighting tactics. Additionally, our firefighters are trained for special emergency situations such as rope rescues, hazardous material, and confined space emergencies.

KM CERT: The Brigade supports the Kings Mountain Community Emergency Response Team (KM CERT), which has trained over 35 residents in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety and disaster medical operations. Using the training, CERT members can assist other KM residents when first responders are not immediately available to help.

Outreach: The Brigade educates our community on wildfire and earthquake risks, prevention, and evacuation measures. In addition, it develops local outreach programs, which include social events, classes, and services. It also promotes community organizations, such as the Kings Mountain Association and Kings Mountain Elementary School.

Summary: Over the past six decades, the Kings Mountain Fire Department and Community Center have become the pillars and focal points of life in our community. These vital institutions need your support through the Brigade, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

Please Donate to the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade

Residents are invited to become members of the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade by paying annual dues of $35.00, due January 1st. Membership dues paid in October or later carry forward into the following year. Please consider an additional gift of any amount to pay for Fire Department operations and equipment as well as utilities, insurance, and maintenance of the Community Center.

 You can become a Brigade Lifetime Member by donating $1,000 or more. These are the Donation Tiers:

 AmountLevelYour Donation at Work
$1,000Lifetime MembershipHelp fund the annual operating budget.
$5,000Fire Station 56 BenefactorInvest in firefighter safety and protective equipment.
$10,000Fire Station 56 SponsorSponsor one year of firefighter training.
$25,000Fire Station 56 ChampionUnderwrite annual installment payments for Engines 56 and 356.
Membership levels are based upon cumulative contributions to the Brigade. For example, if you are already a Lifetime Member, you can become a Fire Station 56 Benefactor by donating an additional $4,000. All donations of $1,000 or more include Lifetime Membership.

There are three ways to make your gift to the Brigade:

1. Use the Brigade Membership Form.

Mail the form and your check to:
Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc.,
13889 Skyline Boulevard, Woodside, CA 94062
Will you employer match your donation?

2. Donate Online Now.

3. Make a Stock Transfer. Please email for simplified stock transfer arrangements.

The Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation, Tax ID No. 94-1650185.

Emergency Response Information

Here is how to get information on emergency responses:

  1. Follow the KMFD on Twitter at @KingsMtnFire.  Many KMFD incidents are posted with pictures of the KMFD in action, usually within one day of the response (when feasible).
  2. Current San Mateo County fire incidents, along with fire units dispatched and responding, are posted at
  3. Current CA Highway Patrol (CHP) incidents are posted at
  4. Sign up for the San Mateo County Alert System (SMC Alert) system (to sign up, change your profile, add/delete contact numbers or email addresses) at
  5. San Mateo County ZoneHaven tool to aid in evacuations.  View a map of evacuation zones:,-122.32870469916327&z=12.
  6. CalFire General Notifications and App for Wildfires in any area at
  7. Download FEMA App for iPhone or Android.
  8. Follow CalFire on Twitter at @CALFIRECZU.
  9. General safety and emergency information posted on NextDoor at
  10. Wildfire cameras that can show real time wildland fires, with many cameras posted around the Bay Area and the state in general, at