About the Kings Mountain Association Inc. (KMA)



The Kings Mountain Association is organized for the purpose of protecting, improving and enhancing the community; for organizing projects of benefit to the community; for holding special activities whereby members of the Association may become acquainted with each other and the organizations in the community; and for providing a forum for representation of community positions.

The KMA is governed by a board that consists of seven to ten (7-10) Directors. A Director Position is filled by the retiring President who will continue to serve as Director until a new President is elected. Officers serve for a term of one year. Directors serve for three years with the exception of the director who is the past-President; who only serves until the election of a new President.

  • President: Marlene Scherer Stern
  • Vice-President: Joanne Howard
  • Treasurer: Johnathan Lee
  • Secretary: Amber Steele
  • Directors: Holly Winnen, Larry Mann, Ben Rosner, Roisin Magee Altreuter, Doug Forster and David Kaufman

Community Definition

The boundaries of the community are the corridor extending along Skyline Blvd. between Highway 92 and Bear Gulch Road West.  Throughout its length, the corridor extends approximately one mile to the west and one-half mile to the east of Skyline Blvd.  In addition, properties adjoining those roads that are accessible only within the boundaries as described above are included.  This includes Star Hill Road, Bear Gulch Road West, Native Sons Road, Durham Road, and Bear Gulch Road East.

Join the KMA

The KMA is funded by membership dues. Currently, the annual membership fee is $40. This fee is adjusted by the KMA board and officers from time to time to reflect the needs of the community. Membership renewal occurs at the end of the year. Membership dues are due by February 1 of each year. If you are interested in joining the KMA, you can do so online here OR you can download the Membership Form below:

Complete and return this form with your check for $40.00 to:

Kings Mountain Association
Attn: Treasurer
13883 Skyline Blvd.
Woodside, CA 94062

Current members can renew their KMA membership online here.

Covid 19 Response

KMA Inc. will be abiding by the San Mateo County Health COVID19 guidelines.  If you are not feeling well, we ask that you stay away from any in-person events.

KMA Member Propane Discounts:

KAMPS – KMA members REBATE is $0.85 over laid-in cost to Kamps Propane from ALL Sourced Pricing (Propane sourced and purchased from locations other than the Bay Area Refineries). There will be an additional $0.10 per gallon discount and an additional $0.05 to citizens 65 plus during the SUMMER months starting June 1st until Oct 15th unless the price starts moving upwards earlier than this date. The $0.05 rebate for seniors never ends. This price rebate agreement will stay in effect for three (3) years from August 11th, 2021. For the most up-to-date pricing for KMA members and/or if you would like to switch your propane service over to Kamps, please contact KAMPS at (510) 471-7279.


The pricing plan for your propane and related equipment are listed as follows:

Keep full/Routed Deliveries:Mark-Up per gallon: $1.300
Laid-In-Cost to Ferrellgas:To Newark storage $2.135

Price will fluctuate up or down but will always tie to Laid-In-Costs to Ferrellgas, Newark, CA. Prices can change daily.

Will call deliveries must call 10 working days or at 50% before a delivery is needed.

Annual Tank Rental: 250-320 gallon                      $55.00
Annual Tank Rental:    500      gallon                      $85.00
Annual Tank Rental  1,000     gallon            $125.00

The agreement will stay in effect for 24 months – (agreement signed by the board effective April 11, 2022). For the most up-to-date pricing for KMA members and/or if you would like to switch your propane service over to Ferrell Gas, please contact Ferrel Gas at 831-227-6567.

Monthly pricing tracked courtesy of

KMA Bylaws

KMA Speaker Series:

The KMA Speaker Series moved to Zoom during the COVID 19 shelter in place, those we recorded can be found here:

Enjoy some images of some KMA events!