Community Center

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History & Use of the Facility

The land for the Fire Station/Community Center was donated generously by the Phleger Family in the early 1960s, and expanded in the late 1980s.

The Fire Station/Community Center was built by volunteer labor by the Kings Mountain Community for the community’s benefit over 50 years ago.

The primary purpose of the facility is its use as the KMVFB Fire Station. The KMVFB welcomes community use of its facilities for non-fire protection purposes by residents of Kings Mountain. Please see the Community Center User Policy (below) regarding the conditions that apply to these uses.

Although we rely heavily on community volunteer labor and support to manage and maintain this facility, there are substantial usage costs associated with maintaining the building, such as electricity, propane, water, cleaning, trash removal, maintenance, tree removal, paving, roof replacement, insurance, etc.

Building use fees are charged to offset some of the usage costs, not to discourage use of the building. The fees do not cover the full cost of using and maintaining the building. The Fire Brigade pays for the majority of building use and maintenance costs.

Building use fees are considered non-profit, fund-raising efforts, comply with the KMVFB tax-exempt status, and are not tax-deductible contributions.

Event Planning Procedures

To reserve the Kings Mountain Community Center (CC) for any event, the procedures listed below must be followed:

  1. You must be a Kings Mountain resident and a current dues-paying member of the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade (KMVFB). This is NOT the same as Kings Mountain Association (KMA) membership. The KMVFB annual membership fee is $35.00 and is due in January of each year. The KMVFB membership form can be accessed and downloaded here.

  2. Make a request to reserve the CC as follows:
    • Read the below User Policy details. It contains User Fees and other important information. If you understand and accept the policies and the fees for reserving the CC, continue.
    • Check and see if the day(s) you need to reserve the facility are available. The complete calendar for all Community Center events is available on Kings Mountain Group or on our Calendar page here. If you are not a member of the Kings Mountain Group, you may still submit a request.
    • If the date(s) you need are available, submit a request by emailing the Building Manager at Please include the date(s), time(s) and reason for the request.

  3. Once your event request has been approved, please download and read the appropriate contract for either Single Use or Recurring Use. Fill out the appropriate contract (they are fillable PDFs) and: (1) print it out and sign it; (2) attach a check for the event fee and a check for the deposit; and (3) send to:
    • Building Manager
      Kings Mountain Community Center
      13889 Skyline Boulevard
      Woodside, CA 94062
    • Keep a copy of the contract for your files.

  4. Once the contract is signed and the fees submitted, your event will be reviewed, and, if approved, it will be added to the calendar.

  5. Sponsors of private, single use events at the Community Center are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance or special event liability endorsement through their homeowner’s insurance to the Building Manager as part of the Single Use Agreement. The KMVFB will reimburse current volunteer firefighters for any cost of getting such a certificate issued.

  6. During the week before your event you should make arrangements to pick up a key to the building from the building managers by emailing:

  7. Your deposit check will be destroyed/shredded after the CC has been inspected and the key returned.

Community Center User Policy

The KMVFB is primarily responsible for the safety and protection of the Kings Mountain Community. For this reason, Fire Brigade usage always takes priority over all other Community Center functions at any time without notice. Following is an overview of the Use Agreements. Please read the appropriate contract (see below) for further details.

COVID-19 USAGE PROTOCOLS: During such time as the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determines that COVID-19 is a public health emergency, usage of the Community Center will be following the then-current guidelines set forth by the CDC, the California Department of Public Health, and the County of San Mateo pertaining to safety measures and health requirements.

  1. The Community Center (CC) is for the use of dues paying or otherwise qualified KMVFB members of the Kings Mountain community only. This is a requirement based on the Fire Department’s non-profit status and insurance. Sponsorship for non-resident use of the Community Center is not allowed, except in extraordinary circumstances approved by the KMVFB Board.

    NOTE: the KMVFB is a separate entity from the Kings Mountain Association (KMA) community group. Separate membership dues are paid to KMVFB and KMA. The KMVFB membership form can be accessed and downloaded here. Dues to the KMA can be paid by visiting their page here.

    • The Cook Shack building (containing the grill, pantry, beverage area, and walk- in) and its contents are not available for Private Events at any time. The Kings Mountain Association (KMA) is authorized to use the Cook Shack facilities and equipment for up to three events per year: Spring Brunch, Summer Party and Holiday Party. The KMA needs to submit a request for Cook Shack use to the Building Manager in advance of these three events. Any other use of the Cook Shack contents (e.g., warmers, utensils, etc.) must to be approved by both the Kings Mountain Art Fair (KMAF) and Fire Brigade Boards.

    • A contract is required for any and every use of the facilities, parking lot, and grounds:
    • A $500 deposit is required for Full-day Private Events and a $200 deposit is required for Small Events. The deposit is refundable if the facility and its contents are left in the condition they were in prior to the event and were used in accordance with the contract.

    • Sponsors of private, single use events at the Community Center are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance or special event liability endorsement through their homeowner’s insurance to the Building Manager as part of the Single Use Agreement. The KMVFB will reimburse current volunteer firefighters for any cost of getting such a certificate issued.

    • A required walk-through with the Building Manager will be scheduled prior to private events to explain clean-up procedures, including trash removal, and to discuss any other available items such as the tables and chairs, sound system, cordless mike, projector, projector screen, podium and coat rack.

    • Building users are expected to leave the facilities at least as clean and orderly as originally found. All trash from an event must be placed in the dumpster and recycle bin, or removed from the premises by the Users. Users may be liable for expenses incurred for extraordinary building clean-up, trash disposal, or repairs required due to building use, including disposal of perishable items left in the facility.

    • If additional clean up costs occur, the Building Manager will determine the cost of clean-up and/or repair expenses. Unusual items remaining after an event will be removed and disposed of after contacting the event user.

    • Furniture (including chairs) may not be moved from the Conference Room. Food preparation or serving is not allowed in the Conference Room.

    • Items in the Community Center kitchen (paper goods, dishes, utensils, etc.) are available for use during any authorized event with the following qualifications:
      • There is no guarantee as to the condition, number and/or continued existence of such items.
      • Cleaning and proper storage of items used is the sole responsibility of the user.

    • Tables and chairs owned by KMVFB are to remain in the building and/or on the property. The plastic and metal chairs are not to be removed from the building. Any exceptions are decided by and approved by KMVFB Board by submitting the request through the Building Manager.

    • Picnic tables are not to be removed from the Cook Shack area.

    • The KMVFB BBQ is only to be used by KMVFB and KMA for Community events and is not to be removed from the property.

    • Users are responsible for security of the Community Center during events and for locking the building after each use.

    • There is no smoking, unattended incense or candle burning, or other hazardous activities allowed inside the building. Candles must be in appropriate, safe containers. Smoking materials must be disposed of in appropriate receptacles outside the Facilities.

    • Baffles on the ceiling in the main room of the CC building are not to be taken down for any reason without prior permission from the Building Manager and the KMVFB Board.

    • Music and sound volume levels must be kept at a reasonable level.

    • Adult supervision of children is required at all times.

    • The parking area by the KMFVB office and all fire lanes must remain clear during all events to allow the Fire Department emergency response. Fire lanes are marked in red.

    • The maximum temperature setting for the building is 72 degrees.

    • Private vehicles may be parked overnight on the grounds for a $10.00 per day fee based on scheduling at the discretion of the Building Manager. Parking for the purpose of safely carpooling for an event at a private home is allowed for a $30.00 per day fee based on scheduling, at the discretion of the Building Manager. There is no security provided.

    • Any use of the Apparatus Bays for public or private events must be approved by the Fire Chief with the concurrence of the KMVFB Board. This part of the building is controlled by the Fire Department.

    • The KMVFB and Building Manager reserve the right to deny use of the facility.

Building Use Fees

Recurring Use Fees (Recurring Use Contract required):

Community Meetings                                  1 meeting/month                  $60.00/year

(KMA, Kings Grove)

KMAP Board Meetings                               during school year               $5.00/mtg

(KMAP/Kings Mountain Associated Parents)

Community Events                                      throughout the year             No fee

(KMA, KM CERT, Radio Club, Garden Club, Art Fair, Quilting Club)

Exercise & Yoga classes                            1-2 classes/week                 $5.00/class

Single Use Fees (Single Use Contract required):

Small Event (KMVFB members only)                   Up to 5 hours            $200.00

($200 Deposit Required)

Small Events are limited to 30 people or less and light refreshments only. No hot food preparation is allowed. Time includes setup and cleanup.

Private Event (KMVFB members only)                Full day                      $500.00

($500 deposit required)

Memorial services (local residents only)              Full day                      No fee

($500 deposit required)

Active KMVFB Fire Fighter-Private Event           Full day                      No fee

($500 deposit required)

Parking Overnight (up to 30 days)                        per vehicle                 $10.00/day

Parking for Home Event/Carpooling                     Full day                      $30.00/day

(any number of vehicles)