KMO Calendar

Ashtanga Yoga Class

Social Dance

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Practice Dance

KMA/KMAF 50th Anniversary Party

Kings Grove BOD

Ashtanga Yoga


Fire Dept. Training - Entire Building Usage


KM Park Water Board

KMA Spring Brunch & Easter Egg Hunt

KMVFB Golf Tourney & Dinner

KMA Annual Election Dinner

KM Garden Club Wreath Making Party

KMES Autumn Affair 5:30 PM

KMES Autumn Affair Set Up

Art Fair Board Meeting

Art Fair Chair meeting - Distribution of Funds

Art Fair Chair meeting - AF Kickoff

Art Fair Chair Appreciation Dinner

KMA Community Mtg: Stilheart/Stillpath

Election Center - Voting

Election Center - Voting

Private event (11:00- on)

Private Event (8:00 AM - 8:00 PM)

KMA Annual Dinner Set-Up

KMA Solar Options presentation

Private Event - all day

Garden Club Seed/Bulb Exchange 12-3

Community Fire Extinquisher Day (10-2 PM)

Pilates-All Levels

Composting Seminar (hosted by KMA & GC)

Wildland Fires in the Urban Interface

KM Garden Club Annual Meeting

Compost Workshop (hosted by KMA & GC)

Compost Workshop (hosted by KMA & GC)

Conference Room Reservation

Fire Dept. Training


KMES Event-Parking \shuttle stop

Art Fair Marketing and Advertising Team meeting

Art Fair Chairman's Kickoff Meeting

Art Fair Chairman's Appreciation Dinner

Sound Immersion Restorative Yoga

Presidential Primary Election

KMFD Fire Academy 5:30 - 10:00 PM

Private Event - 6AM to 6PM

Private Event-Parking

Sound Immersion, Restorative Yoga

Pilates-All Levels

KMA Speaker Series-Djerassi Resident Artist program

Parking for Private Event

KMFVB Training

Winter Solstice -Dance Movement

KMAF Chairman's Appreciation Dinner

Sweetheart Social Parking/Shuttle

Yoga w/Mary


KMA Ohlone Indians of San Francisco evening Event

pilates all levels

KMAF Distribution of Funds Meeting

55th Art Fair Kickoff Meeting

KMA Spring Brunch/Egg Hunt

KM History Night with Ken Fisher

KMA Annual Dinner & Elections CANCELED

Kaufman/Berkowitz Wedding


Art Fair Distribution of Funds Meeting

Art Fair Kick Off Meeting

57th Kings Mountain Art Fair

57th Kings Mountain Art Fair

57th Kings Mountain Art Fair

Susan Frantz Memorial Service

KM School and Community Townhall