Kings Mountain Radio Club - N6ZX

The Kings Mountain Amateur Radio Club was conceived by Frank Adams and Jan Sluchak, who were able to obtain space for two repeaters at the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade's building. Later a larger space became available after a local cable TV company removed its equipment, and Frank Adams and Bill Goebner obtained permission to build a room in this space to house the club's equipment. Several VHF and UHF repeaters, packet stations, monitoring equipment, a computer for packet and radio programming, supplies and tools are stored here. The room is electrically supplied by large deep cycle batteries at 12 volts and has the building's backup generator for continued operation in times of emergency.

Our club works closely with the Kings Mountain Fire Department and the Kings Mountain Emergency Preparedness group. We strongly encourage members of our community to obtain amateur radio licenses to aid our residents in case of emergency or disaster due to our semi-isolated location. An amateur radio license is relatively easy to obtain and requires no knowledge of Morse code. We can help you earn your license.

If you are interested in joining our club, please send an email message to:


KMEP Emergency Communications Truck


  • Stimulate and sustain interest in communications using amateur radio.
  • Maintain an amateur radio station for the purpose of emergency communications, public service and the general interest of all club members.
  • Offer technical training through affiliation with other amateur radio clubs.
  • Promote cooperation between members and promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual operating skills.
  • Conduct club programs and activities to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio.

The Kings Mountain Emergency Preparedness (KMEP) communications truck is owned by the Kings Mountain Fire Brigade and maintained by KMEP and the Kings Mountain Amateur Radio Club. All radios and antennas are owned by the radio club or club members. It is equipped with a 6 KW generator and deep cycle batteries and charger. It can provide scene lighting with its built in 1500 watt flood lights. It also has a 1000 watt portable generator which can be remotely located to keep the radio supply batteries charged while keeping audible noise to a minimum. If necessary the truck can be configured to transport patients during a disaster.


Band Frequency Offset PL Tone
6M 53.640 -0.500 107.2
2M 145.370 -0.600 107.2
440 440.450 +5.000 107.2