Community Center

The Kings Mountain Community Center is one of the few community facilities in California that was built and is maintained by the community, without a single taxpayer dollar of support.

The grounds on which the Community Center is build upon where donated to the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade (KMVFB)  in 1974 by the Pfleger Family under the condition that the property must house the headquarters of the volunteer fire brigade.

Today, the Community Center's primary purpose is to house the headquarters of the KMVFB, but the Center also is the center of the Kings Mountain community. Every year, the Kings Mountain Art Fair is held on the grounds of the CC on Labor Day weekend. The proceeds from the Art Fair benefit the KMVFB and other community activities, including the Kings Mountain Elementary School, and is staffed completely by volunteers from the local community.

The KMVFB provides access to its facilities for community use. The Kings Mountain Association, the Kings Mountain Emergency Preparedness group, the garden club, yoga and dancing enthusiats all use the CC year round.