Kings Mountain Community

We live in one of the Bay Area’s most unique and beautiful communities.  From our redwood-laden hillsides, to the community spirit that is evident in all our events and organizations, we believe that living on “the mountain” is truly one of the privileges of our times.

Our lifestyles are enhanced not only by the privacy and bucolic delight afforded by open spaces, but also by the cohesiveness of a community that comes together in times of celebration, times of sorrow or need, and times of local benefit.  One of our most important events is the annual Kings Mountain Art Fair, perhaps the only art fair in all of California that is produced entirely by and for the community. This popular event is attended by over 10,000 visitors annually, and is operated through the volunteer efforts of over 400 residents each year.

We hope that this website is of value to you, and that it will help you to meet your neighbors and to become involved with a group of people and organizations who will add significance to your lives and to your “Kings Mountain Experience”!

Living on "the mountain" is a great experience but requires a little planning ahead for cases of emergencies. Click here for some links and telephone numbers to get you started.